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Axial Evaporative Cooler Serie IC3-AR


A closed-circuit axial evaporative cooler is a cooling systems that keeps the fluid to be cooled (called primary fluid) inside a circuit isolated from the outside. In this specific equipment, the thermal exchange process takes place through a built-in pipe bundle exchanger. Water (called secondary fluid) is used as cooling fluid; it is directly sprayed on the exchanger by means of a distribution system and it is continuously recirculated inside the machine.

ILMED IMPIANTI has developed its series of closed circuit evaporative coolers “IC3-AR” with axial fans, with standard sizes ranging from the smallest E-11-08-CONT unit to the largest L-44-12 one: the range of closed circuit “IC3-AR” towers covers a thermal power (heat load) between about 80 kW and 3900 kW. Several modules can be also placed side by side to provide the required heat load output, so that they can be used in any application.

All models of “IC3-AR” axial coolers have been designed and developed by ILMED IMPIANTI in order to have dimensions compatible with road shipping; each model also has its own containerized version (“CONT” models) for seaworthy shipping.


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