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Ilmed Impianti has a long list of references in Concrete Cooling Towers application.
These kind of Cooling Towers are the ideal solution in very long term investments and for medium/large application. Ilmed Impianti is able to provide both induced draft and forced draft Concrete Cooling Tower meeting all Customer’s needs.

Ilmed Impianti has a long list of references in Frame Structure Cooling Towers using both Steel and Pultruded FRP beams. Design is made using advanced software and construction is made with high quality materials explicitly approved for Cooling Towers  applications. Robustness of Ilmed Impianti structures make this kind of Cooling Towers for hash application like in seismic areas or when high additional loads are applied. Easy and fast frame assembling are considered during design in order to minimize erection costs.

Ilmed Impianti is able to design the best solution, finding the correct tradeoff between performances
and costs, thanks to its experience in Cooling Tower applications, including harsh environment, extreme
weather conditions, aggressive water and specific local regulations.

Correct filling selection allow to maximize performances, reliability and durability, reducing maintenance cost.
FILMED 20 Film Filling is usable with clean or moderately dirty water. It ensures an high thermal exchange with the best heat dissipation and anti-clogging design.  FILMED 20 is available with following optional feature also:
      high water temperature
      very low environmental temperature
      flame retardant
FILMED 20 is available in different thickness suitable for sea water applications too.
VERTICAL FLUTE Film Filling, thanks to its no-clogging capabilities, is usable with moderately dirty water ensuring an heat dissipation higher than Splash Filling.
SPLASH GRIDS are usable for dirty water with an high suspended solid content. They ensure excellent no-clogging features with good thermal exchange.
PULTRUDED FRP Filling, based on splash principle, is used with extremely dirty water with an high scaling characteristics. Extra long life with good  thermal exchange.

To face specific applications needs a complete accessories range is available:
      Low temperature environment: for extreme temperature environment special fillings, heated motors, gearboxes and louvers and hot water curtain are available.
      Low noise requirement: to reduce emitted noise special fans and motors can be installed. Also countermeasure against rainfall into the basin are available.
      In a turn-key vision Ilmed can provide also VFD panels, control panels, water treatment and water filtration systems

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