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When the water to be cooled is polluted or aggressive, when the environment is severe, when high quality of materials is expected, when corrosion resistance is a must, the GTP water cooling towers are to be considered The cooling tower structure should be designed as to remain completely efficient in case of
- Acid, saline and aggressive water
- Biocide and oxidant chemical treatments
- Aggressive environment
The answer of ILMED IMPIANTI to these problems is the GTP cooling tower, specially designed for the industrial heavy applications.

Each module is made of a main unit which is composed by the cooling section and by one or two ventilation units, totally pre-assembled and joined through bolts. The module can be completed with the air inlet section and with the cooled water collection basin.The reticular structure is made of strong pultruded FRP profiles, and the casing is composed by sandwich FRP panels.No metal profiles are used for the structure.The cold water basin is manufactured from high performance fiberglass reinforced polyester.

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