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ILMED IMPIANTI is part of the ILMED Group, active both in industrial and services markets; the group is involved in many industrial activities, from logistics to car services, renewable energies, fans and ventilating units, facilities for oil, gas and power plants.

ILMED IMPIANTI is a fully Italian private company, established in Avigliana, Northern Italy, on 1981.Along the path of 30 years of successful activity, ILMED IMPIANTI acquired experience and innovation capability, becoming one of the most qualified player in Water Cooling Towers applications.

During this period, our company engineered, manufactured and supplied more than 6’000 cooling systems, in 50 different Countries in the world.

At now ILMED IMPIANTI is not merely a Water Cooling Towers manufacturer, but it would to be at first a technical and consulting partner, able to deal with the client in evaluating and proposing solutions for every cooling problem.

The company is acting as a provider of knowledge, products, services and turn key projects, being one of the best Customers partner for water cooling applications.