About us

ILMED IMPIANTI was established in 1981. During 40 years of successful business, our company has constantly developed innovation skills, becoming one of the most qualified players in the applications of Water Cooling Towers.
Over this period ILMED IMPIANTI has designed, manufactured and supplied more than 10,000 cooling systems in over 90 different countries around the world.
Currently, our company is not only a cooling tower manufacturer, but it is also a supplier of technology, services and projects on a turnkey basis. ILMED IMPIANTI aspires to be the preferred partner to work with for the evaluation of every customer’s need and for the proposal of the most suitable cooling system.

We are a close-knit team of managers, salesmen and technicians: our distinguishing feature is to tackle projects with a proactive approach and to work with passion, always.

We share specific work paths and qualified experiences, to offer our customers high-level technical support and to propose serious and competitive solutions to any water-cooling situation.


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