Evaporative cooling towers

For over 40 years Ilmed Impianti have been the ideal partner for Cooling Towers: experience and innovation always at your service.

Why to choose ILMED IMPIANTI

40 years of

10.000 systems designed and installed in over 90 countries.

Guaranteed and certified quality

The experience and quality of ILMED IMPIANTI are guaranteed and compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

Experience and

Consolidated knowledge to allow the identification of the best solutions for water cooling.

Wide range of services and products

ILMED IMPIANTI offers technology, products, revamping and spare parts services, and turnkey projects.

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Cooling Towers, Field Erected Cooling Towers, Preassembled Open Circuit or Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, Modular Cooling Towers, Revamping & Spare Parts

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