Spare parts

ILMED IMPIANTI manufactures and supplies the main components for each type of Cooling Tower: The components listed below are manufactured by ILMED IMPIANTI and branded with its logo:

  • FILM type fillings: FILMED 15, FILMED 20 (Material: PVC)  
  • HYBRID-type fillings: TR.U.S.T. (Tridimensional Ultimate Splash Type) (Material: PP)
  • SPLASH type fillings: Splash Grids (Material: PP)
  • NOZZLES: Three-stage nozzles (Material: PP)
  • FANS: in light alloy or FRP, with a diameter range from 400 mm to 11 meters.

ILMED IMPIANTI also supplies a complete range of spare parts, perfectly interchangeable with the original ones and suitable for any type of cooling tower, including:

  • Standard film fillings
  • Combined film fillings
  • Hybrid-type fillings
  • Lamellar type drift eliminators
  •  Cell-type drift eliminators
  • Nozzles in different materials
  • Complete water distribution systems
  • Electric motors
  • Speed reducers
  • Drive shafts
  • Flexible joints
  • Complete fan groups
  • Sluice gates and double screens
  • Control and automation panels      
  • Vibraswitches and vibration sensors
  • FRP/Steel fan steck
  • Anti-splash systems


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