New filling splash

After the introduction of the grid NSP-600 on the market, Ilmed Impianti creates an other product, the fill splash pack GREEN NSP-600, which color is an expression of the respect policy for the environment carried forward by our Company. The new grid, made of totally regenerated materials, will be used extensively in the water cooling towers, both as a first supply of plant as a spare part.

For the choice of materials of realization, fundamental attention was paid to the external environment, to defend without penalizing the productive activity. From here the ideation of a product that, while enclosing in itself innovative and environmentally sustainable components, is able to provide the same functionality of the filling splash packs previously used. Among these the maximum interchangeability to allow its use in different splash systems existing.

The new grid is already in production. For further details of the technical / commercial aspects, please contact us.


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