IC3-AC Series

After launching the production of the new Closed Circuit Coolers since few months ago, ILMED IMPIANTI is pleased to inform you that the new IC3AC Series becomes part of the product range.

It is a Closed Circuit Axial Evaporative Condenser, which implements the type of pre-assembled cooling towers proposed by our company.

The proposed machine is a system in which a gas, “contained” inside a coil isolated from the outside, is condensed: the condensation heat of the gas is removed using water directly sprayed on the exchanger by means of a distribution system and subsequently recirculated inside the machine. On the other side, the water is cooled by its own evaporation, fostered by a constant air flow, guaranteed by the axial fan installed in the upper part of the tower.
Attached you can find the new brochure.

We remain at your complete disposal for any further information and to explain all the advantages of this type of cooling tower.



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